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Focus group at the hospital

 It seems like I'm creating a recurring column about my hospital stories from Singapore, but this time I didn't visit the institution as a patient. Well, technically I did, but not as a patient in need of medical attention, but rather as a feedback-giving patient. Since I had interacted with the local Alexandra hospital as both a patient and a family member within three months, I was included in a statistical sample and invited to participate in a focus group discussion on a Saturday morning. I have organized countless focus group discussions myself, and I know how difficult it can be to gather interviewees. So, I immediately said yes, and besides, I had something to say, since my daughter and I are practically regulars there. An agency handled the organization, and they clearly didn't leave anything to chance. They called me about a week before the event, and then messaged me on WhatsApp every few days (everyone uses WhatsApp here, even the government and officials communi