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Vesper (2022)

For me, the most important aspect of a sci-fi is world-building. It doesn't have to be action-packed, nor does it necessarily require a complex storyline. It should transport me to a world that is different from our own - one that is surprising, disturbing, shocking, frightening, or simply captivating. The best sci-fi doesn't even need a plot. Instead, it allows me to explore a world alongside its inhabitants. It doesn't rely on grandiose words or one-dimensional characters of good versus evil. It doesn't need a narrator. A good sci-fi should not be explained; it is best when I don't fully understand it. I don't understand the technology, the institutions, the laws, the customs, or the relationships between people in this world. I don't know who is who. It is up to me to discover these things along the way, and that is the true plot of a sci-fi. It is my journey of discovering this new world. A sci-fi can even be made around a trip to the grocery store, if t