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Threads or rather Threats

This is Facebook, or rather now known as Meta, showing us at every turn that there's always a way to go lower. Threads, touted as a competitor to Twitter, is also available in Singapore and out of curiosity, I pressed the button. I downloaded the application and with a single button press, I copied my Instagram account's profile settings to Threads. I don't have a personal Instagram, I use it for selling my paintings, so I have an account on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and now Threads under my artist name Art Sai Suo (to sound grandiose). I'm not complaining, since I've sold quite a lot of paintings, without ever having to invest a penny into paid advertisements, so these platforms have worked for me so far. Interestingly, I particularly like Instagram, for paintings, which is a highly visual genre, that platform fits very well and the story, reels, and other features have been cleverly designed. I work with many small enterprises who have successfully built their b